Improved Gear Surface

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IGS is the combination of two non-conventional surface treatments that let us increase significantly gear capacities and performance.


Gamesa Gearbox introduces IGS®, the result of our continuous improvement research in process engineering.

We put a spotlight on the component fatigue improvement through a process that includes an impact on the mechanical component, the generation of a compressive residual stress layer and the improvement on the material’s mechanical properties.


Our goal is to improve the material’s fatigue and stress corrossion cracking.

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Shot peening

The shot peening technique produces a compressive residual stress on the gear that is highly beneficial, as it minimizes gear fatigue behaviour on both the flank and the tooth root.

The shot peening contribution is based on the principle that cracks don´t propagate in a material that is under a compressive stress, according to the principles of fracture mechanics.

Sliding and sub-surface stresses

Sliding and sub-surface stresses

Smooth Surface

Rough Surface, rolling

Rough Surface, slip


The superfinishing technic corrects the surface roughness generated after the shot peening process while mantaining its benefits. At the same time, it improves the surface’s topography after the grinding by producing a low roughness isotropic finish.

IGS® improves the gear’s original roughness by up to 10 times that of the grinding condition. Roughness is a key parameter in gears general behaviour and particularly in lubrication, as it helps to separate efectively the two pieces involved in EHL working conditions.

An improvement on the surface roughness atenuates the contact stress distribution while reducing wear by minimizing mechanical looses produced by rolling and sliding friction.





A combination of the shot peening and the superfinishing treatment increases the gears fatigue performance and reduces the mechanical and wear performances.

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