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Our goal is clear: prevent unexpected damage and minimize potential downtime. Take advantage of our more than 60 years of experience to maximize the service life of your Gear Units.

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Speed, cost efficiency and worldwide logistics are the main features of our offer in this service.


Our first class overhauls are classic, impeccable, time and cost optimized.


Whether you decide to carry out a high value-added repair or opt for an emergency on-site repair, count on us, we will always look after the profitability of your business.


Our inspections include visual inspection, endoscopy and vibration measurement. We will give you an initial on-site verbal feedback on each piece of equipment inspected and then send you a written inspection report with information of value to your business.

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Mainshaft Units Gear Units [1][2] Up-tower
repair kits [3]
Brand Wind turbine Model OEM Brand Model Ratio Spare
parts [3]
HSS IMS Dressing
BonusB44 – 600Z06B44WinergyPEAC4280.2/555.80YesYes--1
BonusB44 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.355.39YesYes--2
BonusB44 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.655.11YesYes--3
BonusB44 – 600-WinergyPEAS4280.1/2/4/555.67YesYes--4
BonusB62 – 1300Z13B62FellarTPH3-1500E49.33Yes---5
BonusB62 – 1300-FellarTPH3-1500H59.58YesYes--6
BonusB62 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.374.92YesYes--7
BonusB62 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.377.85YesYes--8
BonusB62 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.874.92YesYes--9
BonusB62 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.877.85YesYes--10
GamesaG39 – 600Z06G4XZFEH55G21S50.63YesYes-Yes11
GamesaG42 – 600Z06G4XGXMP725-4250.39Yes---12
GamesaG42 – 600-ZFEH55G21S50.63YesYes-Yes13
GamesaG44 – 660Z06G4XGXMP725-4452.32Yes---14
GamesaG44 – 660 ZFEH55G21S52.65YesYes-Yes15
GamesaG47 – 660Z06G4XGXMP725-4752.32Yes---16
GamesaG47 – 660-FellarTPH3-1080V52.41YesYes-Yes17
GamesaG47 – 660-FellarTPH3-1080V/152.30YesYes-Yes18
GamesaG47 – 660-FellarTPH3-1090F52.67Yes--Yes19
GamesaG47 – 660-MoventasPLH308/309X1G52.60YesYes-Yes20
GamesaG47 – 660-MoventasPLH310/31252.81YesYes-Yes21
GamesaG47 – 660-MoventasPLH310 [6]63.39YesYes-Yes22
GamesaG47 – 660-ZFEH55G21S52.65YesYes-Yes23
GamesaG47 – 660-ZFEH552G2152.67YesYes-Yes24
GamesaG47 – 660-ZFGPV300S52.64YesYes-Yes25
GamesaG47 – 700Z06G4XGXGE700PL52.83YesYes-Yes26
GamesaG47 – 700-GXGE700PL F1.252.73YesYes-Yes27
GamesaG47 – 700-GXGE700PL F1.263.58 [6]YesYes-Yes28
GamesaG47 – 700-MoventasPLH31063.39 [6]YesYes-Yes29
GamesaG47 – 700-WinergyPEAB428552.69YesYes-Yes30
GamesaG47 – 700-WinergyPEAS428552.71YesYes-Yes31
GamesaG5X – 850Z08G5X [7]GXGE850PL61.97YesYes-Yes32
GamesaG5X – 850-GXGE850PL F1.261.76YesYes-Yes33
GamesaG5X – 850-GXGE850PL F1.274.47 [6]YesYes-Yes34
GamesaG5X – 850-FellarTPH3-1100G/161.81YesYes-Yes35
GamesaG5X – 850-MoventasPLH40061.80YesYes-Yes36
GamesaG5X – 850-ZFEH55362.04YesYes-Yes37
GamesaG5X – 850-ZFGPV305S61.74YesYesYesYes38
GamesaG5X – 850-ZFGPV30661.92YesYesYesYes39
GamesaG8X – 2000Z20G8X [7]GXGE2000PL101.02YesYes-Yes40
GamesaG8X – 2000-GXGE2000PL120.31 [6]YesYes-Yes41
GamesaG8X – 2000-WinergyPEAB4436100.50YesYesYesYes42
GamesaG8X – 2000-WinergyPEAB4436120.55 [6]Yes---43
GamesaG8X – 2000-ZFEH802C/D100.67YesYes-Yes44
GamesaG8X – 2000-ZFEH802E/F/H101.02YesYes-Yes45
GamesaG8X – 2000-ZFEH802F/H120.31 [6]YesYes-Yes46
GamesaG8X – 2000-ZFGPV442100.54YesYesYesYes47
GamesaG8X – 2000-ZFGPV442120.82 [6]YesYesYesYes48
GamesaG97 – 2000Z20G97 [7]GXGE2000PL106.79YesYes-Yes49
GamesaG97 – 2000-GXGE2000PL127.18 [6]YesYes-Yes50
GamesaG97 – 2000-ZFEH806A126.33 [6]YesYes-Yes51
GamesaG97 – 2000-ZFGPV449127.04 [6]YesYes-Yes52
GamesaG114 – 2000Z20G114 [7]GXX205E128128.50YesYes-Yes53
GamesaG114 – 2000-GXX206E102102.50 [6]YesYes-Yes54
GamesaG114 – 2500Z25G114 [7]GXX255E130129.68YesYes-Yes55
GamesaG114 – 2500-GXX256E104103.99 [6]YesYes-Yes56
GamesaG114 – 2625Z26G114 [7]GXX265E130129.68YesYes-Yes57
GamesaG114 – 2625-GXX266E104103.99 [6]YesYes-Yes58
GamesaG126 – 2625 Z26G126GXX265E09898.21YesYes-Yes59
GamesaG126 – 2625 -GXX266E118118.20 [6]YesYes-Yes60
MadeAE20 – 150-GXT2-355-LR21.64Yes---61
MadeAE23 – 180-GXT2-355-LR23.57Yes---62
MadeAE30 – 330-GXPE477B44.50Yes---63
MadeAE32 – 330-GXPE477B44.50Yes---64
MadeAE46 – 660Z06AE46GXPE880A59.54Yes---65
MadeAE46 – 660-FellarTPH3-1100C59.86YesYes--66
MadeAE46 – 660-FellarTPH3-1100C/159.59YesYes--67
MadeAE46 – 660-WinergyPEAS4280.160.05YesYes--68
MadeAE52 – 800Z08AE5XGXPE880C58.66Yes---69
MadeAE52 – 800-GXS80058.17YesYes--70
MadeAE52 – 800-FellarTPH3-1150M58.17Yes---71
MadeAE56 – 800Z08AE5XGXMA800PL62.73YesYes--72
MadeAE56 – 800-GXS80062.69YesYes--73
MadeAE56 – 800-FellarTPH3-1200M62.64YesYes--74
MadeAE56 – 800-WinergyPEAB430063.11YesYes--75
MadeAE59 – 800Z08AE5XGXMA800PL66.35YesYes--76
MadeAE59 – 800-GXS80065.88YesYes--77
MadeAE59 – 800-FellarTPH3-1210M66.28YesYes--78
MadeAE59 – 800-WinergyPEAB430066.22YesYes--79
MadeAE61 – 1320Z13AE61GXPE1080/S201080.46Yes---80
MadeAE61 – 1320-GXMA1320/S201097.11 [6]Yes---81
SenvionMM82 – 2000-EickhoffEBN1209105.98YesYes--82
SenvionMM92 – 2000Z20SV92ZFEH854A95.82 [6]YesYes--83
SenvionMM92 – 2000-EickhoffCPNHZ224119.95YesYes--84
SenvionMM92 – 2000-EickhoffEBN1378119.95YesYes--85
SenvionM104 – 3465-EickhoffEBN252587.23YesYes--86
Siemens WPSWT62 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.377.85YesYes--87
Siemens WPSWT82 – 2300Z23SW82Winergy------88
Siemens WPSWT120 – 2300Z23SW120ZFEH851B91.21YesYes--89
Siemens WPSWT120 – 2300-WinergyPEAB4456.2/5/6/8/990.84YesYesYes-90
Siemens WPSWT120 – 2300-WinergyPEAB4458.X90.84YesYesYes-91
Alstom EcotècniaECO28 – 225-GXMT22536.30Yes---92
Alstom EcotècniaECO44 – 600-GXMT60055.65Yes---93
Alstom EcotècniaECO44 – 600-PujolE60055.65Yes---94
Alstom EcotècniaECO48 – 750-GXMT75063.16Yes---95
Alstom EcotècniaECO48 – 750-PujolE75063.16Yes---96
Alstom EcotècniaECO62 – 1300-GXMP130063.16YesYes--97
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670Z16EC74GXMP1670.7494.70YesYes--98
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670-GXMP1670.80/7494.93YesYes--99
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670-PujolE160094.70YesYes--100
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670-PujolE1600R7494.70YesYes--101
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670-WinergyPEAB4390.294.64YesYesYes-102
Alstom EcotècniaECO80 – 1670-GXMP1670.8097.70YesYes--103
Alstom EcotècniaECO80 – 1670-PujolE160097.72Yes---104
Alstom EcotècniaECO80 – 1670-WinergyPEAB439097.72YesYesYes-105
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500Z15GE77slEickhoffCPNHZ19590.30Yes---106
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500-MoventasPLH1100.298.07YesYes--107
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500-WinergyPEAS4390.1/297.72YesYesYes-108
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500-WinergyPEAS439071.88 [6]YesYesYes-109
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500-ZFGPV451S/T88.81YesYes--110
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500-ZFGPV451S/T97.74YesYes--111
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-GXEHN-1.565.92YesYes--112
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-FellarTPH3-1600H65.72YesYes--113
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-FellarTPH3-1600N59.41YesYes--114
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-MoventasPLH1100/.165.98YesYes--115
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-MoventasPLH1100.2/.371.65 [6]YesYes--116
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-MoventasPLH1100.2/.378.04 [6]YesYes--117
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-WinergyPEAB440765.72YesYesYes-118
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-WinergyPEAB440771.20 [6]YesYesYes-119
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-WinergyPEAB440778.21 [6]YesYesYes-120
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500-ZFGPV451S/T97.74YesYes--121
Acciona WPAW125 – 3000-GXX305E08383.24YesYes--122
Acciona WPAW125 – 3000-GXX306E09999.27 [6]YesYes--123
Acciona WPAW125 – 3000-MoventasPLH290083.78YesYes--124
Acciona WPAW125 – 3000-MoventasPLH2900.2110.97 [6]YesYes--125
NordexN43 – 660Z06N43WinergyPEAC4280.2/555.80YesYes--126
NordexN43 – 660-WinergyPEAC4280.3/755.39YesYes--127
NordexN43 – 660-WinergyPEAC4282.655.11YesYes--128
NordexN60 – 1300-WinergyPEAS4375.778.63YesYes--129
NordexN62 – 1300-EickhoffCPNHZ19078.90YesYes--130
SuzlonS88 – 2100Z21S88-------131
MiconM1500 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.2/555.80YesYes--132
MiconM1500 – 600-WinergyPEAC4290.355.39YesYes--133
MiconM1500 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.655.11YesYes--134
NEG MiconNM43 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.2/555.80YesYes--135
NEG MiconNM43 – 600-WinergyPEAC4290.355.39YesYes--136
NEG MiconNM43 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.655.11YesYes--137
NEG MiconNM43 – 600-WinergyPEAC4300.4/5/656.32YesYes--138
NEG MiconNM44 – 750Z08NM48WinergyPEAC4300.4/5/656.32YesYes--139
NEG MiconNM48 – 750Z08NM48WinergyPEAC4300.567.47YesYes--140
NEG MiconNM52 – 900-WinergyPEAB4320.067.42YesYes--141
NEG MiconNM72 – 1650Z16NM72-------142
NEG MiconNM82 – 1650Z16NM82-------143
NordtankNTK600 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.2/555.80YesYes--144
NordtankNTK600 – 600-WinergyPEAC4290.355.39YesYes--145
NordtankNTK600 – 600-WinergyPEAC4280.655.11YesYes--146
VestasV39 – 500Z07V4XGXMP725-4250.39Yes--Yes147
VestasV39 – 500-MoventasS3GHD-500X50.89Yes--Yes148
VestasV39 – 600Z07V4XMoventasS3GHD-500X50.89Yes--Yes149
VestasV39 – 600-MoventasS3GHD-506X50.89Yes--Yes150
VestasV39 – 600-ZFEH55G21S50.63YesYes-Yes151
VestasV42 – 600-MoventasS3GHD-506X50.89Yes--Yes152
VestasV42 – 600-ZFEH55G21S50.63YesYes-Yes153
VestasV42 – 660Z07V4XMoventasS3GHD-506X50.89Yes--Yes154
VestasV44 – 600Z07V4XMoventasPLH30852.60YesYes-Yes155
VestasV44 – 600-MoventasPLH30952.60YesYes-Yes156
VestasV44 – 600-MoventasPLH31052.81YesYes-Yes157
VestasV44 – 600-MoventasS3GHD-506X52.48Yes--Yes158
VestasV44 – 600-MoventasS3GHD-506X53.55Yes--Yes159
VestasV47 – 660Z07V4XMoventasPLH30852.60YesYes-Yes160
VestasV47 – 660-MoventasPLH30952.60YesYes-Yes161
VestasV47 – 660-WinergyPEAB428552.69YesYes-Yes162
VestasV47 – 660-WinergyPEAS428552.71YesYes-Yes163
VestasV47 – 660-ZFEH55157.96YesYes-Yes164
VestasV47 – 660-ZFEH55175.06YesYes-Yes165
VestasV47 – 660-ZFEH552G2152.67YesYes-Yes166
VestasV47 – 660-ZFGPV300S52.64YesYes-Yes167
VestasV52 – 850Z08V52GXGE850PL61.97YesYes-Yes168
VestasV52 – 850-GXGE850PL F1.261.76YesYes-Yes169
VestasV52 – 850-MoventasPLH40061.80YesYes-Yes170
VestasV52 – 850-ZFEH55362.04YesYes-Yes171
VestasV52 – 850-ZFGPV305S61.74YesYesYesYes172
VestasV52 – 850-ZFGPV30661.92YesYesYesYes173
VestasV80 – 2000Z20V80WinergyPEAB4435.2100.08YesYesYes-174
VestasV80 – 2000-ZFGPV442100.54YesYesYesYes175
VestasV80 – 2000-ZFEH804C/D100.67YesYes-Yes176
VestasV90 – 2000Z20V90WinergyPEAB4435.0113.21YesYesYes-177
VestasV90 – 2000-WinergyPEAB4435.2/4112.90YesYesYes-178
VestasV90 – 2000-ZFEH804A112.83YesYesYes-179
VestasV90 – 2000-ZFGPV442 V90113.26YesYesYes-180
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Spare Gear Units

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Brand Wind turbine OEM Brand Model Ratio New CPO [4][5] Swap [5] Order
GamesaG39 – 600ZFEH55G21S50.63-YesYes1
GamesaG42 – 600ZFEH55G21S50.63-YesYes2
GamesaG44 – 660ZFEH55G21S52.65-YesYes3
GamesaG47 – 660FellarTPH3-1080V52.41-YesYes4
GamesaG47 – 660FellarTPH3-1080V/152.30-YesYes5
GamesaG47 – 660MoventasPLH308/309X1G52.60-YesYes6
GamesaG47 – 660MoventasPLH310/31252.81-YesYes7
GamesaG47 – 660MoventasPLH310 [6]63.39-YesYes8
GamesaG47 – 660ZFEH55G21S52.65-YesYes9
GamesaG47 – 660ZFEH552G2152.67YesYesYes10
GamesaG47 – 660ZFGPV300S52.64-YesYes11
GamesaG47 – 700GXGE700PL52.83YesYesYes12
GamesaG47 – 700GXGE700PL F1.252.73YesYesYes13
GamesaG47 – 700GXGE700PL F1.263.58 [6]YesYesYes14
GamesaG47 – 700MoventasPLH31063.39 [6]-YesYes15
GamesaG47 – 700WinergyPEAS428552.71-YesYes16
GamesaG5X – 850GXGE850PL61.97YesYesYes17
GamesaG5X – 850GXGE850PL F1.261.76YesYesYes18
GamesaG5X – 850GXGE850PL F1.274.47 [6]YesYesYes19
GamesaG5X – 850FellarTPH3-1100G/161.81-YesYes20
GamesaG5X – 850ZFEH55362.04YesYesYes21
GamesaG5X – 850ZFGPV305S61.74-YesYes22
GamesaG5X – 850ZFGPV30661.92-YesYes23
GamesaG8X – 2000GXGE2000PL101.02YesYesYes24
GamesaG8X – 2000GXGE2000PL120.31 [6]YesYesYes25
GamesaG8X – 2000ZFEH802C/D100.67-YesYes26
GamesaG8X – 2000ZFEH802E/F/H101.02-YesYes27
GamesaG8X – 2000ZFEH802F/H120.31 [6]-YesYes28
GamesaG8X – 2000ZFGPV442100.54-YesYes29
GamesaG8X – 2000ZFGPV442120.82 [6]-YesYes30
GamesaG97 – 2000GXGE2000PL106.79YesYesYes31
GamesaG97 – 2000GXGE2000PL127.18 [6]YesYesYes32
GamesaG114 – 2000GXX205E128128.50Yes-Yes33
GamesaG114 – 2000GXX206E102102.50 [6]Yes-Yes34
GamesaG114 – 2500GXX255E130129.68Yes-Yes35
GamesaG114 – 2500GXX256E104103.99 [6]Yes-Yes36
GamesaG114 – 2625GXX265E130129.68Yes-Yes37
GamesaG114 – 2625GXX266E104103.99 [6]Yes-Yes38
GamesaG126 – 2625 GXX265E09898.21Yes-Yes39
GamesaG126 – 2625 GXX266E118118.20 [6]Yes-Yes40
MadeAE20 – 150GXT2-355-LR21.64Yes--41
MadeAE23 – 180GXT2-355-LR23.57Yes--42
MadeAE30 – 330GXPE477B44.50YesYesYes43
MadeAE32 – 330GXPE477B44.50YesYesYes44
MadeAE46 – 660GXPE880A59.54YesYesYes45
MadeAE46 – 660FellarTPH3-1100C59.86-YesYes46
MadeAE46 – 660FellarTPH3-1100C/159.59-YesYes47
MadeAE52 – 800GXPE880C58.66YesYesYes48
MadeAE52 – 800GXS80058.17Yes--49
MadeAE56 – 800GXMA800PL62.73Yes--50
MadeAE56 – 800GXS80062.69Yes--51
MadeAE59 – 800GXMA800PL66.35Yes--52
MadeAE59 – 800GXS80065.88Yes--53
MadeAE61 – 1320GXPE1080/S201080.46Yes--54
MadeAE61 – 1320GXMA1320/S201097.11 [6]Yes--55
Alstom EcotècniaECO28 – 225GXMT22536.30Yes--56
Alstom EcotècniaECO44 – 600GXMT60055.65Yes--57
Alstom EcotècniaECO48 – 750GXMT75063.16Yes--58
Alstom EcotècniaECO62 – 1300GXMP130063.16Yes--59
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670GXMP1670.7494.70Yes--60
Alstom EcotècniaECO80 – 1670GXMP1670.8097.70Yes--61
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500GXEHN-1.565.92Yes--62
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500FellarTPH3-1600H65.72-YesYes63
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500FellarTPH3-1600N59.41-YesYes64
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500MoventasPLH1100/.165.98-YesYes65
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500MoventasPLH1100.2/.371.65 [6]-YesYes66
Acciona WPAW77 – 1500MoventasPLH1100.2/.378.04 [6]-YesYes67
NEG MiconNM43 – 600WinergyPEAC4300.4/5/656.32-YesYes68
NEG MiconNM44 – 750WinergyPEAC4300.4/5/656.32-YesYes69
NEG MiconNM48 – 750WinergyPEAC4300.567.47-YesYes70
VestasV39 – 600ZFEH55G21S50.63-YesYes71
VestasV42 – 600ZFEH55G21S50.63-YesYes72
VestasV44 – 600MoventasPLH30852.60-YesYes73
VestasV44 – 600MoventasPLH30952.60-YesYes74
VestasV44 – 600MoventasPLH31052.81-YesYes75
VestasV47 – 660MoventasPLH30852.60-YesYes76
VestasV47 – 660MoventasPLH30952.60-YesYes77
VestasV47 – 660WinergyPEAS428552.71-YesYes78
VestasV47 – 660ZFEH552G2152.67YesYesYes79
VestasV47 – 660ZFGPV300S52.64-YesYes80
VestasV52 – 850GXGE850PL61.97YesYesYes81
VestasV52 – 850GXGE850PL F1.261.76YesYesYes82
VestasV52 – 850ZFEH55362.04YesYesYes83
VestasV52 – 850ZFGPV305S61.74-YesYes84
VestasV52 – 850ZFGPV30661.92-YesYes85
VestasV80 – 2000ZFGPV442100.54-YesYes86
VestasV80 – 2000ZFEH804C/D100.67-YesYes87
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Spare Mainshaft Units

Search your model

Brand Wind turbine Model New CPO [4][5] Swap [5] Order
BonusB44 – 600Z06B44Yes--1
BonusB62 – 1300Z13B62Yes--2
GamesaG39 – 600Z06G4XYesYesYes3
GamesaG42 – 600Z06G4XYesYesYes4
GamesaG44 – 660Z06G4XYesYesYes5
GamesaG47 – 660Z06G4XYesYesYes6
GamesaG47 – 700Z06G4XYesYesYes7
GamesaG5X – 850Z08G5X [7]YesYesYes8
GamesaG8X – 2000Z20G8X [7]YesYesYes9
GamesaG97 – 2000Z20G97 [7]YesYesYes10
GamesaG114 – 2000Z20G114 [7]Yes--11
GamesaG114 – 2500Z25G114 [7]Yes--12
GamesaG114 – 2625Z26G114 [7]Yes--13
GamesaG126 – 2625 Z26G126Yes--14
MadeAE46 – 660Z06AE46Yes--15
MadeAE52 – 800Z08AE5XYes--16
MadeAE56 – 800Z08AE5XYes--17
MadeAE59 – 800Z08AE5XYes--18
MadeAE61 – 1320Z13AE61Yes--19
SenvionMM92 – 2000Z20SV92Yes--20
Siemens WPSWT82 – 2300Z23SW82Yes--21
Siemens WPSWT120 – 2300Z23SW120Yes--22
Alstom EcotècniaECO74 – 1670Z16EC74Yes--23
GE WindGE1.5 – 1500Z15GE77slYesYesYes24
NordexN43 – 660Z06N43Yes--25
SuzlonS88 – 2100Z21S88YesYesYes26
NEG MiconNM44 – 750Z08NM48---27
NEG MiconNM48 – 750Z08NM48---28
NEG MiconNM72 – 1650Z16NM72Yes--29
NEG MiconNM82 – 1650Z16NM82Yes--30
VestasV39 – 500Z07V4XYes--31
VestasV39 – 600Z07V4XYes--32
VestasV42 – 660Z07V4XYes--33
VestasV44 – 600Z07V4XYes--34
VestasV47 – 660Z07V4XYes--35
VestasV52 – 850Z08V52Yes--36
VestasV80 – 2000Z20V80Yes--37
VestasV90 – 2000Z20V90Yes--38
Search brand Search wind turbine Search model New CPO Swap Order

[1] We have the knowledge, experience, technological capacity and productive means to service any gear unit or mainshaft unit not included in this portfolio (up to 5MW nominal power).
[2] GX (Gamesa Gearbox) incl. Echesa, Tacke.
Moventas incl. Winergy. ZF incl. Hansen, Bosch Rexroth, Lohmann & St.

[3] Compatibility for models without "OEM" icon to be confirmed prior to purchase order
[4] Certificated Pre-Owned unit: Same-as-new guarantee gear unit or mainshaft unit, checked and certified by using Gamesa Gearbox tier 1 design, manufacturing and quality specifications

[5] Subject to availability
[6] Reference for 60Hz grid
[7] Includes variants
[*] Model under development

Our repairs go far beyond the simple replacement of damaged parts, incorporating design and/or manufacturing improvements that extend the useful life of the original design.


The Component Services Program provides you an inventory option that minimizes maintenance costs on windmills downtime.


Why reengineering?

The gearbox is a critical element in any wind power train, especially in those with high operational demands, and is therefore directly related to an important part of the operation and maintenance costs of any wind farm.

Failure events involving a major corrective - either repair or complete replacement of the gearbox - usually arise and grow significantly from the first third of the theoretical operating period, i.e. 30% of the design life certified by independent official bodies.

In our experience at Gamesa Gearbox, this dramatic reduction in expected life can be directly related to (1) design and/or manufacturing errors, and/or (2) inappropriate operation and/or maintenance strategies.

The first of the reasons, design and/or manufacturing errors, may be a priori surprising since gearbox design and manufacturing concepts have been known and mastered for decades, and their validity is more than proven in all types of industrial applications. However, this direct transfer of industrial standards is precisely the mistake in approach that all manufacturers have made when approaching the first designs for the wind environment.

In recent years, new designs have evolved significantly in terms of the robustness and reliability they offer when operating under wind turbine operating conditions, which differ from the quasi-static conditions of most industrial applications.

Specific areas of improvement

The bearings industry has evolved considerably in recent years both at the design level and in the area of manufacturing technologies, in order to offer tailored solutions for the wind power sector. Despite these improvements, however, the remaining key challenge is to select the right bearing to deliver the degree of reliability required for each position within the gearbox.

Gear failure is not common, except in isolated cases of grinder burn. However, contact pressure distribution over the teeth is key to good overall gearbox dynamics, in terms both of the distribution of forces and bearing vibration performance.

In recent years, the leading manufacturers have significantly improved their capacity for gear micro geometry definition, manufacturing, measurement and testing. Specific software, ample and appropriate production, manufacturing and inspection resources, and test-beds with load testing capacity have made it possible to obtain the precision data required to produce new designs.

The impact of lubrication on the longevity of a gearbox, in any sector, should never be underestimated. A very common error in early design trials, however, was the failure to ensure an exact reproduction of the whole wind turbine lubrication system, and this resulted in non-optimized and even faulty performance.

We consider this a key issue and our test beds therefore reproduce the exact lubrication conditions of the wind turbine gearbox.

Our differential value

We are committed to extending the service life of damaged units for a period longer than the time elapsed before the first failure.

Our process

Our remanufacturing process

Step by step, from the damage unit reception to the same-as-new unit delivery.

Failure rate

Cummulative failure rate

Case study: TPH3-1080V/V1 gear unit on-site results after 5 years. It works!


Five year warranty

You choose: From Basic to Premium warranty (5 years).

Remanufacturing activity

From 2012 up to 2021.


Improved Gear Surface

IGS® is the combination of 2 non-conventional surface treatments that let us increase significantly gear capacities and performance.

IGS® = SP + SF

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