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Product & development

We are a key player in the gear technology market, focusing on core knowledge development projects.


New market needs. New design opportunities. New manufacturing challenges.


Third planetary stage and future proof new technology.

Rated electrical power:

6702 kW

Nominal input mechanical torque:

8000 kNm



Nominal mechanical power:

7372 kW

Nominal i/o speed:

8.8/1,580 rpm


39 t

Moving forward today to meet tomorrow’s needs

We present our new QBOX.

Journal bearings

New technologies

The pressure in the lubricant generated by the movement creates a layer that separates the surfaces.


Your partner in full circle gearbox energy.

Gear Units

Enhanced performance and availability.

Market challenges

Gearbox dimensions and weight need to be reduced to optimize costs.

Torque density evolution

It’s fast, it’s reliable, it’s worldwide


Our goal is clear: prevent unexpected damage and minimize potential downtime. Take advantage of our more than 60 years of experience to maximize the service life of your gearboxes.

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Focused on profitability and on being your technology partner.


Our Foundry is specialized in integral solutions from shared engineering in design, pattern, casting, machining, surface treatment to final delivery of gearboxes and nacelle assembly plant.

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Range from 9 to 12 tons

Range from 2,7 to 9 tons



Thanks to our experience in the design process we optimize time and cost.

Tailored projects implementing a continuous improvement on the production process for an optimization of cost that translates into an improved competivity every year.

Gearbox by Gamesa


Our repairs go far beyond the simple replacement of damaged parts, incorporating design and/or manufacturing improvements that extend the useful life of the original design.

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Gearbox by Gamesa

Wind technology

We are a technology key driver for gearbox market focused on knowledge development core projects.

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Gearbox by Gamesa

After sales Services

We believe in industry that provides answers, offers guidance to customers. Our products leave our factories still attached to the people who can keep improving them, by learning through sharing information.

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Gearbox by Gamesa


The first and only service in the market that improves the Cost of Energy (COE) through stock reduction. A resource network just for you. Integrated, personalized and committed service.

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