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Gamesa Gearbox

Leading competence center in design, manufacture and reengineering of wind gearboxes.

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We want to generate value and make a difference by being competitive in the process and the final product by providing innovative services.

We build loyalty with our stakeholders by generating a positive interest that meets and exceeds their expectations, in a transparent environment where people feel inspired to give the best of themselves every day.



We want to contribute to society in a sustainable and profitable way through the manufacture and design of our products and services as an extension of ourselves.

We want to transmit our commitment to lead a positive experience to our stakeholders, with a resolute and dynamic attitude, placing our values and industrial culture at the foundation of a constant evolution.




Total gearboxes manufactured


Wind MW installed


People working


MW annual capacity


Millions (€)

(Including business coming from
Siemens Gamesa and other companies)



Elevate the process

Our vertical integration business model provide us a detailed knowledge of all the processes, which enhance our experience ​in the synchronization between design and industrialization processes. This feature ensures the quality and manufacturing capacity to provide accurate solutions.

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Gearbox by Gamesa


Our repairs go far beyond the simple replacement of damaged parts, incorporating design and/or manufacturing improvements that extend the useful life of the original design.

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Gearbox by Gamesa

Wind technology

We are a technology key driver for gearbox market focused on knowledge development core projects.

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Gearbox by Gamesa

After sales Services

We believe in industry that provides answers, offers guidance to customers. Our products leave our factories still attached to the people who can keep improving them, by learning through sharing information.

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Gearbox by Gamesa


The first and only service in the market that improves the Cost of Energy (COE) through stock reduction. A resource network just for you. Integrated, personalized and committed service.

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